Studio a

Studio A is home to one of the most legendary producers and engineers in the Great Lakes Region, Godxilla. To learn more about this storied entertainment business veteran visit his website GODXILLA.COM

We are currently accepting new clients for Studio A at the rate of $60 per hour. 

Mastering services are $50 per track or $150 an hour whichever you prefer for both clients and guests. 

Enter The Raw Cone Pirates

Enter The Raw Cone Pirates

Here is a look at a few of our clients that call The Mountaintop their home studio. The collective of people who call this studio home are referred to as The Raw Cone Pirates. They are all separate artists from the Great Lakes hence the pirate theme.  The tie that binds them is they all have The Mountaintop as the fuel in their creative engines. Every artist isn't reflected on the page lol, some of them won't get websites. Still, they are who we love to record and we enjoy making records with.