We treat consultations like client studio time. Consultations have a minimum of two hours. It''s hard to get our juices flowing about the entertainment business and then shut them off in an hour. I promise you that if you pick a topic about most things entertainment media related we have more than an hour's worth of conversation on it. We have college degrees in Recording Media Technology, Entertainment Media Business and Entertainment Business. 

We speak with experience and confidence on any topic that we profess to be knowledgeable about. For instance, we do not offer live sound as a service. We do not offer photography as a service. That's because they just aren't what we do. There are a lot of pros that are much more knowledgeable than us on those topics. We only offer what we truly know and want to do. Not that we can't mix live sound for concerts, conventions and houses of worship. We have done plenty of it, we just choose our battles wisely :). 

If we offer it on this site we can show you how to do it for yourself under the scope of a consultation. I guess it's probably worth mentioning that we have 3 years of marketing experience in education and 6 years of marketing in entertainment. For the past six years we have worked with attractions in the Wisconsin Dells as the back-end for their social campaigns. We have moved on from marketing as successes in music have led us down a more music and film driven path. We still draw from it to promote in entertainment daily.