SOund Design

We have a significant amount of sound design experience. We paint pictures with sound so sound design is a very strong facet of our offerings that we lean on. We are extremely seasoned in the arts of FX editing, synthesis, foley and ADR. We have been called on to do everything from off Broadway theater cues to video game sound design

Watch "The Grail Movie" on Amazon Prime by clicking the picture.

We are currently celebrating the release of a feature from Hollywood titled "The Grail." You can click the picture and watch the film. The sound for the entire film was entirely handled by us. 

Click the picture to watch "The Workout Room"

The Workout Room stars Tammy Townsend, Joe Torry and Tori Hart. It also features comedy legends such as Bruh Man and Scruncho  and the the legendary comedian Ricky Harris. The sound design and audio duties for this film were also handled by us. 

SOund Design For Video Games

We also have provided freelance sound design work for the video games Portal Quest and Disney Heroes Battle Mode. Sometimes a plate of pancakes spits butter and syrup at you (PQ) other times you're in the lab with a pair of wooden clogs creating footsteps for Minnie Mouse. Never a Dull moment, we are fortunate to have these opportunities and love working on these kinds of jobs.