Video Production

We offer video production services. From location scouting to the final edit we can help you produce great content. We specialize in creative story telling and music video shoot production. We have a great understanding of the the film world but we will not shoot feature length films or shorts. Film making isn't our passion so we're being honest to who we are. We love good story telling so interviews and marketing pieces motivate us. We also love music so filming concerts and other live event IS what we do.

We shoot on Sony A7SII and A7III cameras with G Master Lenses. We also have a couple Sennheiser lavs, boom mic and field recorders. We have years of experience on video production sets and have worked everywhere from DJI shoots on the Warner Lot in the valley, to Maybeline shoots in downtown Los Angeles. Check out this TJ Maxx campaign that we worked on. Our contribution to this was the production and audio on the white psyche scenes. 

Music video production

Our careers in the entertainment business have undoubtedly been musically focused. It's what we love to do. We also love to shoot music videos. Here is an example of some of our latest music video work. We took this from an idea to a iTunes to YouTube. 

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