Live event streaming

In light of current events there is a very large demand to live stream special events . Concerts, weddings, talk shows and funerals are all examples of situations that we can stream to loved ones who can't make it to the event. This is a great way to involve people while funeral homes and chapels are all limiting visitors these days.

We have a livestream team of big-brained nerds that typically can make minced meat out of technical issues. We know what it takes to be prepared the day of the show. Here are a few things that you might want to know about what livestream requires: 

Planning Takes Time - we find that as we are breaking new ground with live streaming there takes a significant amount of planning to pull it off. The green screen might have to be storyboarded and locations will have to be scouted. The planning stages will require an hourly fee. 

Great Bandwidth - If you stream from our studio we have a Spectrum internet high speed line that goes as high as 35 mbps but not lower than 10 mbps. If we use your wifi on location and your signal drops below 6 mbps you will experience skips or even stalls in the feed. The feed will come back when the speed gets back up. If need be we can run a livestream from a mobile hotspot. The hotspot works fine, we just need you to know that if you use it then you'll be at the mercy of AT&T mobile's internet connection. 

Pre Production - If you're using a green screen for your livestream you'll need to create a backing video for the broadcast. This is a 1080 video that has your soundtrack on it. We will play this video from our computer. No matter if you're filming on a green screen or not a show with title overlays and screens will still have to be built. This process can take up to a couple of hours depending upon how elaborate it becomes.  When we build the show we will also need to log into your social feeds from our streaming software.  This will ensure that we aren't trying to fudge through passwords while we should be locked and loaded for showtime.  

We Stream HD at 720p - We know, we know. You want that good old 4k broadcast because you're a baller right? Wrong, if you were going to pipe a feed that big through the internet some ISP is going to have to come through and lay some new fiber optics to get you up and running. It just isn't practical for us at this level.

 We Record The Stream - We record a copy of the stream to a hard drive and will dropbox you an uncompressed version of your feed. 

Here's a look at a livestream concert we did for our good friend, Chris Crain. You can listen to more great music from Chris on his website HERE.